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e diligently clips away, one boxtop at a time.... and I snicker. I snicker because it's exactly the kind of thing he would do. It falls right in line with rinsing out the yogurt cups before recycling, rearranging the refrigerator so that all the sodas line up facing forward and buying paper towels in bulk so we don't run out. He diligently clips away, one boxtop at a time, and I snicker. Yup... that's exactly the kind of thing he would do.  
I often snicker at my husband for the oddly meticulous things that he takes the time to do. But I suppose I shouldn't. Because in all of his rinsing and recycling, he's saving our planet... on yogurt cup at a time. It's because of him that the fridge is always stocked with sodas, and that we never run out of paper towels. If these sort of things were left up to me... well then we'd be living in a world of mayhem. 
I got curious about this BoxTop thing, and decided to look it up the other day. Turns out my diligent husband isn't so crazy after all. For each BoxTop, a school can earn 10 cents. I never realized it, but these BoxTops are on almost everything from cereal to tissues.  
I urge you to start keeping a lookout for these BoxTop. If you have a local school that participates in the program, definitely collect and drop them off to the school coordinator. If you're not sure, get in touch with me directly and we'll make it happen!! 
Honestly, we all eat yogurt and drink soda... so let's use the power of what we do anyways to make a positive change for our local schools. If you have questions, drop a line in the comments box here. If you want to help out but don't know where to get started or don't have a local school that you're aware of... again ... drop a comment and we'll figure it out. 10 cents at a time, we can make a difference. Happy Tuesday!
Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. For the most part, this blog is a collection of my work, ideas, inspirations and things I've learned. If you're a bride & groom: sit back, relax and soak it all in... until your fingers get pruny! If you're a photographer: I hope you can take away something insightful from what I've learned about turning my passion for photography and cinematography into a career. You can also explore more about the world of BINITA PATEL by clicking below. Until we meet... have FUN, be STYLISH.
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