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ave I mentioned that I simply love my iPhone. Honestly, what did I do before I had one?! I was probably sitting in a corner rubbing two sticks together wondering how to start a fire!! Geez. During my trip to England and India last week, I didn't really go as a tourist. I went as an assistant to my sister who was doing some wedding shopping. So while I didn't necessary get a chance to whip out my big guns (aka: the fancy camera), I still managed to document the trip on my iPhone. Clockwise from the top-right, here's the dealio: 
- Mumbai skyline at sunset, as seen from the top of the Four Seasons. 
- Indian bridal jewelry. 
- YUM!! Sandwiches at Pret a Manger. 
- Hand-woven fabrics at Shyamal & Bhumika. 
- A glimpse of London Heathrow Airport. 
- Fixings for Mumbai-style bhel puri
- A view of the outskirts of London. 
- Just a monkey sitting on a car. No biggie!! 
- Jars of colored powder displayed in the window of a restaurant. 
Hope you're having a fabulous day. Happy Tuesday!


t's Monday morning. I'm back home from a trip around the world. It feels good to be home. Don't get me wrong. I love traveling just as much as the next person. Let me watch an episode of 'House Hunters International' on the Travel Channel, and suddenly I'm ready to move to the next tropical island that comes my way and make a living off an ice cream stand. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it was all just talk.  
I'm sitting here just reminiscing about my trip... scrolling through some photos on my iPhone. And low and behold, and come across this bright yellow photo of Victor and Kevin from 'Thomas and Friends'. Now I'm pretty sure that most of you who excitedly clicked into this post entitled "Victor & Kevin" weren't expecting a cartoon. I'm pretty sure you expected something a lot juicer. Sorry to disappoint! But this photo was more exciting to me than any other 'Victor & Kevin' I could imagine. This photo is proof that Anya has gotten a hold of my iPhone in the past 24 hours and managed to color herself a little cartoon and save it onto my phone. It's proof that I'm back home and my life is just the way it's suppose to be... Random! Glad to be back home. Happy Monday.


've spent nearly the past 10 days away from home... traveling from London, to Mumbai and now I'm finally on my way back home. I'm sitting at London Heathrow airport. An 8 hour layover!! Hmm, I need to speak with my travel again. We need to plan this better next time. Anyways, the past several hours (and the past 2 weeks for that matter), have given me a tremendous opportunity to think, observe and then think some more. There's something about being away from the daily grind that gives you a sense of perspective... a little room to breathe. And as I've sitting here for nearly the past 6 hours, I've observed a sea of people from all corners of the world. Speaking languages I can't even understand. Wearing clothes of different textures, colors and fabrics. Some people are quiet. Some people are loud. Some people are holding their children, and others are holding their iPads. But no matter how things may appear on the outside, one thing appears to be true for each and every person I've seen: They're on a personal mission. Maybe the mission is just to get from one place to another. Or maybe it's to take that next step, that leap of faith that isn't just going to take them from place A to place B... but perhaps take them to a whole new place that they haven't even imagined yet. That's the funny thing about people all over the world... we're always moving and trying to get somewhere. Some people know where they're going. Others have no clue. But one thing I'll tell you for sure... not matter what, if you're true to yourself you'll certainly end up where you were meant to be. Happy Thursday!


t was a quick and dip trip to London... less than 48 hours, but we still managed to get around London style. As I mentioned the other day, my sister and I are doing a little globe trotting in preparation for her wedding in Spain this fall. While we spent Monday taking care of a little business, we were able to spend Tuesday out and about in downtown London, walking the up and around Oxford Street. The trip wasn't nearly as long as I would have liked (I love being a tourist), but I'm still happy I managed to grab a shot of a British telephone booth and the Tube signage. Don't be upset if you see me and I ask you to "mind the gap"! 
In other news, I managed to develop a faux British accent in under 48 hours, and I'm now trying to shake it off in exchange for an Indian accent. Just yesterday, we landed in India and we're jet setting all over trying to look for a wedding dress that my sister can call her own. I know it's tough, but someone's gotta do it. More updates about our travels coming soon. Hope everyone is having a great week. Happy Thursday.


or the next two weeks, I'll be out and about doing a little traveling. First stop: LONDON. As you may know, my sister is engaged and she's planning an intimate wedding in southern Spain later this year. In preparation for the upcoming celebrations, we're doing a little scouting of resources in London this week... and then we'll be off to India for a little more prep work. I'll keep you all posted on our travels. Until then, hope everyone is having a great week and Happy Tuesday!
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