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ast week at Anya's school, the children hosted Spring Tea. It was completely adorable. This event was a culmination of skills that the class has been working on all year long. Everything from hosting manners, to table manners and proper tea service. It was almost as if we were in London for short minute!!  
Each child was allowed a guest to their tea party. Since I had volunteered to be the photographer for the event, Dhaval got to be Anya's guest. Guests greeted with a flower at the main door. The children showed their guest to their table, and even took tea orders... Would you like milk, lemon or sugar? After taking tea orders, the children had to serve and prepare the tea. Tea service was followed by fruit and cucumber sandwiches too! I was completely impressed. And more-so than anything else, the entire tea party really opened my eyes up to the fact that children really can do anything if you allow them and encourage them. I mean chances are that if Anya tried to handle a china tea cup at home, I might freak out. But with care and guidance, each of the children gained the confidence not only to handle real china, but to service an entire tea party.  
I guess the same goes for us too! With proper guidance and confidence, we really can do anything we put our minds too. A little food for thought this Monday morning!!


oday is officially the first day of Spring, and it practically feels like summer. This should make me feel great, but instead it just makes me feel scared. Scared that the year is flying by faster than I can keep track, and I'm falling behind on my 2012 goals. I guess that's just the kind of person I am. I make these lists of things I want to accomplish, and somewhere along the way that list just gets longer of more things I want to try and do. Sure I make small strides and can cross off a few things from the original list, but for the most part, that list just keeps growing. Growing with crazy, amazing and impossible things that I want to try and do. I haven't decided yet if this is good or bad. On the one hand, I get frustrated that I'm not able to just run down my list of lofty goals and just start knocking things off the list. But then on the other hand, it's kind of excited to see how those original goals morph over time into newer, bigger and crazier ideas.  
I honestly don't know where I'm going with this post today, but I just needed to think out loud. As I'm looking out the window and I see that the trees are starting to bud and flowers are peaking up out of the ground, I'm feeling a sense of excitement and nervousness. I'm excited to see the Spring bring along a new breath of life, but nervous that Spring will turn into Summer will turn into Fall and then Winter. I guess that's just the worry wart in me! Nonetheless, I move forward with a spring in my step. 
I hope you're enjoying a beautiful day where ever you are... and here's a sneak peek of what's in store a little bit later this week! Happy Tuesday. 


t was as if I didn't have a care in the world. When I stepped into the front door of the Woodstock Inn & Resort, all my worries just seem to stay behind. My girlfriends and I had been planning this trip for months. A trip without husbands, without kids and without worries. I honestly don't think I've done anything like it since my bachelorette party (and we won't even talk about how many years ago that was!). We indulged in yoga, spa treatments, good food, fancy cucumber water and lots of great conversation. I suddenly felt like a teenager having a slumber party with my gal pals! Most of the people around us didn't quite understand what all of our giggles and cackling was about, but honestly it really didn't matter. To spend a weekend with some of the great ladies I know, and leaving the stress of the daily grind behind was totally priceless.  
I think sometimes we underestimate the power of just a little downtime, and some fancy cucumber water. We're all so used to running the race and fighting the clock, that we so often forget to just stop, breathe and take a look around at what's most important. And now I'm back, completely refreshed and rejuvenated for what looks to be an incredible week here in Boston. I hope everyone else is feeling good too. Have a fabulous Monday!!


esterday I had the pleasure of spending a little bit of time at the Boston ICA. I met up with an industry friend to do her head shots (more on that coming soon). I just love photographing in and around the Boston ICA and waterfront. The light is always bright, the architecture in the area is modern and inspiring and it gives me an excuse to dip into the museum too! And holy moly was I completely blown away by the latest piece that's gracing the Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall. It's a 40-foot installation by Swoon, entitled 'Anthropocene Extinction'. When you see art of such huge proportions, it really helps me to put my life and my work in perspective. It makes me re-evaluate the days that I feel overwhelmed. i wish I could embed the installation video, but for some reason I just can't. Here's a sneaky-peaky from my iPhone, but I totally encourage you to click on the image and view the video that's at the bottom of the ICA page. I guarantee it will suddenly make your workload seem completely manageable!! Happy Thursday!
Anthropocene Extinction


ometimes adults think too much.... BE FREE.
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